Technical Department

Why Art & Design and Design & Technology?

Art & Design and Design & Technology are ideal subjects for students who are looking forward to develop their existing creativity and skills, as well as to learn new skills and techniques along the way. Our technical department teaches all sorts of students to thrive in this environment where they can learn from others, discover their talent and gain a credible recognized qualification. Our school has spacious Art & Design and Design & Technology classes or workshops, with high-quality resources and teachers. Students also get to work on the end of year exhibition, which will give them experience in producing their own artistic work and managing the complexities of an exhibition.


The mission of the Technical Department at LKC is to inspire, educate, and fully prepare our gifted students to become exceptional artists. Through a unified cambridge curriculum that incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines integrating art, technology and academics, our students are prepared to go on to college and careers with industry-standard mastery in the major of their choice.


The Technical Department at LKC promotes the visual arts by fostering critical and creative thinking, artistic expression, effective communication, cultural awareness, and community engagement.

During the creative process, our students revise making decisions to try to match ideas in their heads. This makes them learn the consequences of their decisions, & how they affect the creative process.

Kids' creative visions become more complicated as they grow, requiring more time, attention & technique to fulfill their artistic quest. Our lessons help kids develop their craft & manage their expectations.

Art and design is important for its own sake, and as a source of beauty and expression, as well as simply for the process of creating artistic pieces Our students enjoy the feel of it and are always engaged.

Technical department at LKC exposes students to a range of intellectual and practical skills. It enables learners to use & understand the properties of a wide range of tools, materials and systems.

Part of the creative process of our kids is learning about different artists & a variety of methods artists around the world use. This helps them understand different perspectives of artistic pieces created.

Art & design provides a safe outlet for emotions. Feelings and ideas can be manipulated as desired. Movement, image, color, line, and imagination all help students express themselves in a multidimensional way.

Art and D&T are an equalizer, helping create a common ground for students who may or may not be interested in the same things, helping students of all ages, races and abilities, engage in shared activities.

Enhancing brain functionality by impacting brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. Observing art can also stimulate the creation of new neural pathways and ways of thinking.